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A deposit of 50% will be required on written acceptance of quotation, before any agreed carpet or flooring is ordered or works carried out, with the balance payable on completion of such works having been completed.

The position of services such as water, gas and electricity supplies must be clearly identified for us to avoid accidental damage. Unprotected/loose wiring for alarms, computer systems, telephones, audio and video equipment (to name only, but not limited to, the principal types) should be run in trunking under the floor. Wiring and services are often concealed from the carpet fitter/floor layer and therefore Carpets Royale Limited cannot accept responsibility for accidental damage during carpet or flooring installation. Mains cables are prohibited by law from being placed under any floor covering.

On occasion, doors may need to be trimmed to allow adequate clearance for your new carpets. If this is necessary, this must be carried out by a professional carpenter/handyman arranged for by the customer. If there is insufficient clearance, we can mark the door & remove it ready for trimming & re-hanging by your carpenter/handyman.

When supplying & fitting new carpets or flooring your old floor coverings can be uplifted & disposed of for an extra charge, although it is preferable (and cheaper) if the room/s is/are cleared of all old carpets/flooring etc. prior to our arrival. Any extra charges for this service will be noted on your quotation.

When supplying & fitting new carpets your furniture can be moved for an extra charge although it is preferable (and cheaper) if the room/s is/are cleared of all furniture prior to our arrival. Any extra charges for this service will be noted on your quotation. In all cases we would kindly ask that all small, delicate and breakable items are removed prior to our arrival.

Re-using existing or old underlay can result in premature wear of your new carpet & in most circumstances will invalidate the manufacturers guarantee.

Plain carpet is subject to shading and flattening with use due to pile pressure. This is a characteristic of this type of carpet and does not affect the durability of the product.

All carpets, even when cut to room sizes, are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre , especially in premises where the layout and access is restricted. In some premises the carpet may have to be folded to gain access, which may leave slight creases in the pile. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to surface finishes caused by the movement of carpet in restricted areas.

Some installations of cut pile velvets or velours develop irregular light and dark areas called ‘shading’. This is caused by some pile yarn changing direction which alters the way light is reflected or absorbed by the carpet. The factors which cause permanent shading are not fully understood and its occurrence cannot be predicted or prevented, although there is a strong connection between location and shading. It is not a manufacturing fault and has no detrimental influence on the durability or life of the carpet.

All seam directions, seam positions and pile lay are to be left to the discretion of Carpets Royale Limited unless questioned in writing before estimating and cutting will be deemed as acceptable with no exceptions.

December 2016

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